Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rate are on the rise

Many of the Lenders have raised rates today to catch up with all the activity in the Bond Markets. We have seen a jump of almost 50bps (0.50%) in one day. Some of the Lenders are still hovering around the 3.99% range, but the majority of them are at 4.09% and upwards to 4.49%

There is so much activity, that Lenders are struggling to keep up with the demand of new mortgage applications. They are advising that it could take up to a week to see an application for the first time.

Many new buyers are wanting to lock into a rate, but the Lenders are focusing on REAL DEALS that are ready to be funded with a purchase contract.

So if you are out there shopping around for low mortgage rates. Do not delay as they are changing by the hour and you could lose out on a good rate.

Cal for more details to Centum Pacific Mortgages, 604-609-0333 or walk into our office at 1385 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC, CANADA V6B 5M9 next to Yaletown.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome Jeff Trounsell to Centum Pacific Mortgages

We would like to welcome Jeff Trounsell, formerly of CIBC Mortgages Toronto to our Team here at Centum Pacific Mortgages, here in Vancouver. Jeff has over 10 years experience in Finance. You can Contact Jeff Directly at 778-960-1123  Centum Pacific Mortgages, 1385 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC, CANADA  604-603-0999  or

Bank Rate drops .50%

The Canada Prime Rate drops .75%, however the Lenders have only dropped .50%. We are still looking at Variable products at .60 to 1.00% about Bank Prime.  On Friday, Dec 12, we noticed many of the Lenders dropping their Closed fixed rates to under 5%. Some as low as 4.95% for a 5 year term. Plus, the Lenders are looking at dropping even further if you can complete a sale within 30 days, offering a futher deep discount to 4.79% for a five-year term.
For more information on rates and what you can qualify for, please call Centum Pacific Mortgages at 1385 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC, CANADA. Ph 604.603.0999 ro email me at

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A new addition to Centum Pacific Mortgages

We have updated the new website and added some new Brokers to our shop. We welcome Maury Lum to our Company. Maury has 3 years of experience in the mortgage industry and is a fine fit into our Yaletown home here at Centum Pacific Mortgages. You can contact Maury directly at 604-603-2520 cell. Or email him at